The Mare Nostrum Network is intended to serve as a support platform for civil society organizations involved in ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) and conservation throughout the Mediterranean coast.

The purpose is to form a network of active citizens, associations, NGOs and other civil society organizations that have shown their commitment to the protection of the Mediterranean. These members have joined forces to create a unique collaborative, bottom-up system committed to ensure the sustainable development of their local communities along a healthy Mediterranean coast.

As a first step, we undertook a pilot project to map organizations throughout the Mediterranean basin and to assess their challenges, needs and expectations, as well as interest in the network. Forty-three organizations from 11 different countries shared with us insightful information and suggestions. You can find out more by reading the press release or downloading the full report. The Mare Nostrum Network has the following objectives:

To provide a platform for dialogue, information and knowledge exchange between members
To create regional synergies through joint actions, campaigns, events, petitions and position papers
To raise awareness among the public regarding environmental challenges in the Mediterranean, conservation efforts and opportunities for involvement
In the next few months, we will build an online platform that aims to compile and share all the wonderful work civil society organizations are undertaking to protect the Mediterranean. We would be happy for your organization and your work to be featured on the website. A key section of the website will be for people to find ways to get involved in the protection of the Mediterranean. We will post job and volunteer opportunities, petitions and campaigns on a regional map. If you are a civil society organization currently working in the Mediterranean, there are two ways you can participate in the network:

Become a member: your organization will be featured in the member section with a full description. We will share your campaigns, petitions, job and volunteer opportunities. You will be able to access the member intranet and participate in discussions, collaborative projects, joint applications for funding, position papers and events. You will have a vote in network decisions. There are no membership fees.
Become a friend: we will include your organization on a map of Mediterranean civil society organizations and share your campaigns, petitions, job and volunteer opportunities.